Complementary scientific training

The EN-ACTI2NG network will organize three annual meetings, organized by TUW & MUW, UKK & UWÜ and LUMC in which the students, PIs and partners will present and discuss their advances and plans. Local visiting researchers will be invited to provide lectures on topics related and/or complementary to the EN-ACTI2NG research program. Furthermore, UFR will organize an international immunology meeting. The EN-ACTI2NG network will act as a co-organizer of that meeting and the students will be asked to propose and invite two speakers, teaching them how to organize a big meeting and giving them the opportunity to interact and establish contacts with leading immunologists from Europe, the USA and Asian countries.

A five-day super-resolution fluorescence microscopy lecture/hands-on course will be held at TUW and MUW where students will be taught on the working principles and applications of high-end super-resolution microscopy concepts using PALM and STORM techniques, single molecule tracking and monitoring of live cell antigen receptor signaling on samples provided either by the students themselves or by the organizers.

A four-day course, organized by LUMC and UBR, will train the PhD students to visualize, identify and isolate antigen specific T cells by different techniques e.g. flow cytometry, high throughput MHC-multimer enrichments, and functional testing of T cells. Furthermore, the basic principles of TCR gene therapy will be explained.

A four day workshop, organized by FIMA, will train the student in the selection of aptamers through SELEX and on their therapeutic applications especially with regard to cancer immuno-therapy.

A three-day workshop will be organized by UWÜ and focus on ‘Bench to Bedside – bringing research findings into the clinic’. Participants will learn how clinical trials are prepared and conducted, and learn about the regulatory framework surrounding clinical trials in T-cell therapy. The course will include sessions at the UWÜ GMP facility and early clinical trial unit (ECTU Phase I) where they can get an inside scoop on how cell therapy products are manufactured, administered and monitored.

IMM will provide a workshop on collaborative research between academic and non-academic partners and explain the concepts and design of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP).