Fellow UFR

Candidate selected: Rubí Misol-Ha Velasco Cárdenas


Rubí Misol-Há Velasco Cárdenas is a PhD student at the University Freiburg in Germany. After doing her bachelor’s degree in Mexico as Chemical Pharmaceutical Biologist, she moved to England to study the Master of Science in Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology. Impressed for this field, she decided to continue her PhD as part of the European Network on Anti-Cancer Immuno-Therapy Improvement by modification of Chimeric Antigen Receptor and T Cell Receptor Interactions and Nanoscale Geometry (ENACTI2NG). She is introducing new domains in the CAR T cells which might rise their activation and proliferation. The main aim of her research is to increase the killing ability of the CAR T cells towards cancer cells. Additionally, Misol is part of Acutún a group of Latin-American folkloric dancers which perform around Germany.