Communication skills

Scienseed (SCS) will teach a series of science outreach and public engagement workshops and provide continuous, individual online training sessions (1 hr/every 2 months) to monitor and assist the students in creating their own outreach material. Each of the workshops will be divided into different modules, each of them consisting of a seminar taught by science communication experts, and practical sessions in which the students will apply the novel concepts to their own particular projects. In each of the modules, the annual production of outreach material from students will be subjected to discussions and critical analysis. The first module will introduce the framework of the course, providing insight into the purpose for public dissemination of science and introducing the style and the different approaches to communicate science to a lay audience. The second module will provide a more in-depth training on the different formats for science outreach (written, video, podcast, motion graphics, videogames, and activities) and the use social networks and other online tools. The final module will cover the novel trends in data science in order to measure the repercussion and outreach of science outreach activities and to assess their effect on the public awareness of science. As part of this final module students will present the overall contribution and impact of their science outreach activities (communication portfolio). Finally, students will deliver selected talks to a wider un-trained audience as part of the overall public engagement activity.