SCS Guzman Sanchez

PI: Guzman Sanchez (link to CV)

Institution: Scienseed


Scienseed is a multifunctional agency for the communication of scientific findings and the promotion of public engagement in science. We are a team of scientists, journalists, art designers, IT developers and filmmakers that join efforts to offer a wide range of services and strategies to maximise the public repercussion of science. We are responsible for the development of science communication strategies using products such as video, web, graphic design, animation, apps and videogames, publications, press, campaigns and public engagement activities. Since the company was founded by former researchers in Molecular Biology, we offer a very specific training to communicate biomedical concepts to lay audiences.

Involvement in the project:
In this ITN project we will provide a complete training to help PhD students to communicate their research project and results in the most effective and entertaining way to different types of audiences. A wide variety of communication formats will be explored, including press, blogging and podcast, webs, video and animation and outreach talks, among others. The students will be tutored through workshops and online sessions to ultimately generate an outreach portfolio at the end of the project that will be important asset in their scientific careers.


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